Teens (Bible) – Part 2

1.  We should study the Word of God.

As parents and authority in the lives of our young people, we need to be students ourselves of the Word of God.  A “do-as-I-say and not-as-I-do” attitude will ruin a young person in this area of the learning of the Word of God.  Our young people should see us reading, studying, and memorizing the Word of God. 

Consider this verse in Romans 15:4, “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

Notice that the Scriptures are given to us for learning. What have you learned from the Word of God over the past few weeks?  Remember that I Timothy 3:16 tells us all Scripture is profitable and is for our instruction.

What are some of your favorite passages?  Have you learned from the Word of God?  According to the text, we can learn so that we can have hope.  This world does not offer much hope; but praise the Lord, I can go to His Word and find hope for today.

2.  We should “soak up” the Word of God.

What exactly does this mean in the life of a young person?  As a parent, I should be listening, reading, memorizing, and assimilating the Word of God into my life.  In other words, my whole life should be permeated with the Word of God.  When someone is in love with sports, it is easy to tell; and it is easy to tell when someone is in love with politics.  In the same manner, it should be easy for our young people to see that we are in love with the Word of God because wherever we are, the Word of God must be evident there.

3.  We should share the Word of God.

How often do you share Christ with others?  This is a critical part of our life being saturated with the Word of God.  When our life is filled up with God, it will overflow into our conversations with others.  We will be looking for the lost and asking the Holy Spirit to lead us into conversations with them.  We will be sharing Christ with our young people, and we will always be looking for opportunities to share Biblical principles for them to live by.

How are you undertaking the task of assimilating the Word of God into your life?  God desires us to be faithful in heeding and keeping the Word of God.  Make sure that you are setting aside daily times to personally read and study the Bible.  Then, take that knowledge and give it to your children.  As we started out the article, we thought on what the Word of God is to us.  It is a sword, a twoedged sword, a probing instrument, and a hammer.  We have been given some mighty tools to help us in our child-rearing.  Don’t let your tools and weapons lay unused and gather rust.  Take full advantage of the Word of God. 

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