Verse thought on Ephesians 4-15


May God help us to truly follow God’s instructions to speak the truth in love. In the doctrine of man, we find our basis of how to treat our fellow man, saved or unsaved. God has fearfully and wonderfully made all his creations. We look at the wonder of creation and see his amazing diversity (this is the right type pastedGraphic_1.png). Then, we come to the most amazing of God’s creations, Man. He did not speak man into existence, God handmade Him. Man is actually made in the image of God. We should enjoy the uniqueness of the individual soul and how each man or woman is specially designed for God’s purpose. With this understanding, we proclaim the truth with boldness understanding that we are not the instrument of change. No, we are the proclaimer’s of change through the Power of the Word of God and His Spirit. From the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, we gain understanding that the spirit is the agent of regeneration through the vehicle of God’s Word. Let us boldly proclaim the truths of God’s Word however seasoned with grace. All men – saved, unsaved, widows, handicapped, bus kids, wayward kids, pastors with wrong doctrine, and yes, even our enemies – deserve to be treated with dignity. Why, it is a Biblical doctrine. To not show dignity to God’s special creation is a sin against God Himself. It is a sin against God’s Holiness. This is why we must treat all with mankind with dignity and fairness. It is what the Bible says will show the world that we are Christians that you have love one for another.

Let us bring the light of our glorious Gospel, but bring it with grace and truth.

Steve Damron